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Team Performance

Team Breakthrough Results

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A breakthrough is a result, outcome or performance that is unlikely given an organization’s Predictable Future. The "Predictable Future" is based on how leaders have historically thought, acted or performed and what they view as possible given a company's recent history, resources and the circumstances within which it is operating.

“One of the key benefits from our work together has been the leadership team’s ability to produce significant breakthroughs in our business. As a result, we are poised to move our EPS growth rate from 6% to 18%.”

SVP, Human Resources

Software Company

We train leaders to reliably create unprecedented breakthroughs by working directly with an existing team who is accountable for a project that is critical to the organization’s success. The project team will learn how to have new conversations and operate using key practices, such as making bold public promises and working powerfully through breakdowns.


Project teams will:     

Team Performance
Team Breakthrough Results
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