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“If you want to transform your organization and achieve incredible results, you want to work with SDI.”

Adrian Gottschalk,

President & CEO

Foghorn Therapeutics

“SDI's Leadership Programs are the only ones I’ve ever participated in over my 25-year career that gets at the core of leadership.”

Ray Pawlicki, CIO


“The most notable business result was a 38% increase in sales from the prior year. More importantly, we changed the way we accomplished this result, which has led to a more sustainable and rewarding business model.”

VP and Partner

Fortune 50 Company

“The Procurement Executive Leadership Team’s participation with SDI has made a real difference in our ability to achieve $1Billion in margin improvements that would not have happened (or to this extent) otherwise.”

VP, World Wide Procurement
Fortune 100 Company


“SDI is a true catalyst for change.”

Jeremy M. Levin, CEO

Ovid Therapeutics

“SDI’s contribution was one of the determinant factors that took us from a struggling company to one launching its first product worldwide and readying to file the second one.”

Dr. François Nader, former CEO

NPS Pharma

“The work we’ve done with SDI has not only made a difference, it was the single biggest factor in our successful transformation as an organization.”

Dave Williams, CIO

Merck Animal Health

“One of the key benefits from our work together has been the leadership team’s ability to produce significant breakthroughs in our business. As a result, we are poised to move our EPS growth rate from 6% to 18%.”

SVP, Human Resources
Software Company

“SDI’s work with us has had an astounding impact on our team and business results. Things that took months to accomplish now take weeks. Things that took weeks now take hours.”

VP and Site Head

Fortune 100 company

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