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The Future by Design process guides leaders in creating a compelling organizational future, or vision, with a potency and authenticity that has the ability to harness and focus the full potential of their people. The Future by Design offering can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Strategic Frame.

“SDI’s contribution was one of the determinant factors that took us from a struggling company to one launching its first product worldwide and readying to file the second one.”

Dr. François Nader, former CEO

NPS Pharma

SDI helps design a vision that is completely different from the expected results that would arise from the "predictable future," or the current path. This new "committed future" is so compelling it starts working as soon as it is created, affecting people’s immediate actions and performance. Teams begin to operate with genuine commitment, as opposed to passive compliance of just doing what they are told to do.

Leaders can utilize this process to motivate their teams to work at new levels of performance and achieve these outcomes:


  • Articulate the "predictable future" as things stand now

  • Uncover current drivers of organizational thinking and performance that hinder the ability to implement change

  • Introduce and utilize powerful practices such as "generous listening" and "generative speaking"

  • Create a new "committed future"

  • Develop a pathway for enrolling all key stakeholders into this new future

Future by Design
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